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The INVRPT (Inventory Report Message) is the electronic version of a stock list, or inventory mutation list.
The inventory position is exchanged regularly when a stock is managed from multiple locations or at an external location.
Credits and debits can also be made through this message, whether by sale, purchase or breakage, damage, returns etc.
In this EDI message there is room for entering a reason for the entry.

Except for such a message being very natural in the cooperation between a manufacturer and a logistics service provider, it can also be used, for instance, between a retailer and a manufacturer if the latter needs to be acquainted with the retailer's stock (VMI concept = supplier can decide what to deliver).


  • Inventory lists are often very long. With a message nothing needs to be "retyped" (with the risk of errors)
  • The current level of supplies can be exchanged very quickly, so a sales department can have a quick insight into the current stock
  • Fast response to unusual transactions in stock


About EDI

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a standard for the -automated- exchange of data between the information systems of companies. Basically without any human intervention.
It is a form of "electronic business" which is especially used for frequent transactions.

If you already use a logistic or ERP application, it is required to purchase EDI tools in order to create "EDI messages" and to be able to communicate.

I would be happy to help you start, optimize or renew your processes and EDI interfaces.
Click here for more information about my EDI services.

Click here for more information about my EDI services